SIA Platform

A platform for linking one or more systems and enabling easy data access

Universal data logger

A universal data-logger with a flexible history of data. Dynamic loading of protocol applications allows data logging of various equipment no matter protocol or communication technology

Translation gateway

A translation gateway that enables existing systems and sensors communicate with alternative industry standards and emerging new technologies

Visual data analysis

A visual toolbox for data analysis, which is acessed through a build-in web interface or PC application. Data is presented visual intuitively to ensure a comprehensive overview

Smart Interconnect Access

Take a look in the SIA brochure to get a quick overview of SIA and its many possibilities. Within the brochure you will find:

  • Feature overview & detailed description
  • How SIA can benefit your business
  • What makes SIA is so innovative
  • Technical information

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Data Intelligence

Take a look in the SIA Data Intelligence to see how SIA can help you understand your data. Within the brochure you will find:

  • Overview of benefits with data insight
  • Data analysis tools
  • Beautiful dashboard examples

Click on the brochure or here to download

Three steps ahead

The SIA platform seeks to make data-logging and device integration easy: easy to implement, integrate and access.

SIA is a plug’n’play solution,  which makes implementation easy. It is an adaptive solution as it is an app based platform. This implies that SIA will be able to communicate with any desired device upon request and easy to integrate into any existing system. SIA is a complete platform with minimal deployment time, which can provide easy data access by monitoring and logging from an industrial systems. to. It will be up and running within the first hour – no matter your existing system and equipment.

Plug'n'play solution

SIA integrates smoothly into existing systems without need for re-programming or re-designing the system. SIA adds a new layer on top of the existing system

App based platform

Communication apps allows communication with any device upon request. The apps are loaded at run-time and simplifies the interconnection with equipment

Minimal deployment time

With the intuitive software for the platform, SIA will be up and running within an hour. What used to be a custom project to achieve interconnection with equipment is achieved with a few clicks

Bringing data & IIoT to Small-Medium enterprises

IIoT should not be a development in technology, which users are limited to only large and economically strong enterprises. IIoT builds on a new way of thinking with versatile employment in industrial systems – the only limitation should be the creativity of the system engineer to figure out areas to be improved with IIoT.

With SIA IIoT and all the data it generates will be available for small, medium as well as large enterprises without large spendings as affordability is a top priority. SIA is a sophisticated IIoT platform, which cannot be matched by competitors. SIA embraces the rapid digital development with new technologies, equipment and protocols through its collaborative mindset.

Implementation of SIA is simple as it is added on a transparent layer parallel to the existing system. It will not compromise the existing system, but work on top to provide the added functionalities. A flowchart of SIA in an industrial system is found below.