Simply Connecting the Industry

Cloud-, protocol gateway & data logger functionality in a compact plug'n'play device

Data Logging

Access your data - SIA logs data from any equipment & system, Plug n' Play!


Interconnect your systems & equipment - makes data-flow & -integration easy!

Industry 4.0 applications

SIA is the Industry 4.0 enabler. With SIA you own your data!

Empower your data through visualization

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SIA explained:

Application areas

SIA can connect to any system, machine or database. Its flexibility ensures a wide range of application areas. Discover yours!

  • Flexibility
  • Active integration
  • Open platform
  • Feedback loop

Connect to any equipment, device & systems.
SIA's unique and innovative Connector structure ensures any connection can be made with ease and flexibility.
Develop your own Connectors or use the broad assortment of provided Connectors.

  • Industrial devices. PLC's, sensors, machines etc.
  • Databases. MS SQL, SAP HANA, ODBC or any SQL compatible database
  • Cloud services. External API's (e.g. RESTful), MQTT, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Plaform.

Combine data access and interconnection between any of the installed Connectors with ease.

All Interconnection between the accessed equipment and systems are done with active integration.
This means, the data routing and translation is performed by SIA using push-pull technology.
All the complexity in integrating systems and equipment are transparent to the user and handled by SIA.

  • No programming or invasive modification
  • Short implementation time
  • Push-pull integration technology

Apply the active integration between any equipment and system and succeed in Interconnecting the company's industrial data.

SIA is based on an open structure.
MM Technology believes openness is the future and ensures the best portable product for the users.

  • RESTful API for building a system based on SIA
  • Connector API for developing Connectors

Through the API you can configure SIA and access all the data and functions that are available.

A feedback loop is a way of enabling data processing from equipment and return the processed data back.
This enables the system to react and respond on the processed data.
Send the data to an AI or Machine Learning algorithm in the cloud and apply the outcome.

  • Machine Learning & AI algorithms
  • Cloud enabling
  • External data processing

Don't let technology and system incompatibility be a obstacle anymore to apply smarter data usage.

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