Cloud & IIoT

Direct API call

SIA connects all factory systems to the Cloud. Cloud connection through native and custom API’s

  • Send & Receive requests
  • RESTful API’s
  • Retrofit to existing API
Feedback loop

Receives, processes and sends back commands to the factory

  • Write & Read to the factory from a cloud
  • Enabling remote AI & ML algorithms
  • Cloud data processing
Open API

SIA has an open API for an external software development

  • Open architecture
  • RESTful API for building solutions based on SIA
  • Connector API for developing SIA Connectors 

Supports all major brands & protocols

  • Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi, CTi Control Technology, Beckhoff
  • Universal Robots, KUKA
  • Modbus TCP/RTU, OPC-UA, Wireless Mbus, Mbus, BACnet MS/TP & IP

Flexible to cloud services

  • Direct connection to the cloud through API calls
  • MQTT connection as a middle layer to the cloud service
  • Connects cloud services easy to all the equipment on the factory floor

Plug'n'play installation

  • Easy configuration for converting industrial data to the cloud
  • Installation in under 10minutes through intuitive web interface
  • SIA is a device running locally close to the data sources

Machine Learning Cloud & Factory PLC

Feedback loop between Machine Learning cloud and
the factory floor


Getting industrial data up to a specific Machine Learning cloud service which task was to process and handle the data and provide a control feedback to the equipment with the decision. The algorithm was generic and each customer had mostly equipment from different vendors which made each sale a complex project for data integration across their systems.


SIA provided the middle- and communication-layer between the cloud service and factory by reading and writing directly to the Cloud API. The industrial data could be processed in the cloud & the processed output was returned to the factory equipment by SIA. 

Augmented Reality Factory

Interface for a augmented reality factory
using SIA RESTful API


Providing Unity 3D Game engine with industrial data for simulating an factory environment based on the inputs from wireless sensors and PLCs. The Augmented Reality Factory required both to read and write from the equipment for simulating the factory.


SIA provided the industrial data for both reading and writing through its RESTful API. SIA’s flexibility and many available Connectors secured that the Unity engine was able to make two way communication to with the industrial equipment.

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