Factory & Production

Diagnostics and
Predictive maintenance

Utilize data from the factory & production. Plan factory maintenance and avoid downtime

  • Diagnostic data
  • Performance & behaviour
  • Predictive maintenance
OEE - light weight

Visualized overview of the performance and operation. Simple & cost effective visualization on dashboards

  • Operation overview – performance, fault distribution. 
  • Live monitoring of the factory
  • Recipe & Production performance
Enterprise integration

Connect production equipment to ERP systems & databases and set up two-way data flow between the companys value chains.

  • Recipe controlling – PLC to ERP
  • SQL integration to ERP & customer systems
  • Cloud integration to online ERP & customer systems

Smart Interconnect Access - SIA

Why SIA?


SIA is very price competitive due to its light weight deployment and makes it a perfect solution for small to mid-range factories.

data ownership

All logged data is kept secure & private locally on SIA. Only you can access the data and you own it 100%.


SIA has an intuitive & good looking interface. It makes it easy to use & navigate in for the operator even on tablets and smartphones

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