Smart Interconnect Acces - SIA

Industrial plug’n’play data logging and integration – Simply Connecting the Industry

Data logger

Versatile & all-round

Log data from any data source through the wide range of Connectors which make SIA the most versatile data logger on the market.

Easy data access & deployment

SIA comes with an intuitive build-in web interface which seamlessly allows users to configure and deploy it. 

Historical data & Chart tools

SIA has a deep memory for historical data which the operator can export or analyze using the build-in chart tools.

Data integration

Integrate & Connect any equipment in no time

Interconnect and integrate data between any equipment, sensor & system with a few clicks without any complex programming.

Conditional mappings

Set up conditions to ensure the data are only integrated under the correct conditions, e.g. if a production is finished.

Technology & proprietary transparency

Data can be integrated across all the Connectors which ensure the data compatibility no matter technology and proprietary.

Industrial protocols

Databases & cloud Connectors

* Under development

* Under development

* Under development

* Under development

Watch how SIA works

Setup & Access data

Interconnect systems

Data Visualization

  • Dashboards
  • Graphs
  • Live stream

Get overview of your machine or production by a light-weight dashboard.

  • Operating overview
    • Down and uptime
    • Timeline of operation
  • Performance statistics
    • Maintenance, downtime & fault analyzes

Use the integrated chart tools to check and visualize the logged data.

  • Graphs & Charts that are easy to use
  • Trend overview
  • Compare data series
  • Export data series to CSV

All the data are live streamed to the web interface.

  • Keep track of the actual values
  • Write and set values

User interfaces

  • Web based GUI
  • RESTful API
  • Connector API

SIA has an intuitive and good looking web interface as the primary interface for the operator which is easy to use. 

  • Setup & configuration
  • Local deployed on SIA
  • Secure with login

To allow others to interact with SIA it comes with a fully open RESTful API. SIA's own web interface is build based on the same API and is perfect for software developer to build their own solutions & products.

  • Fully open RESTful API
  • Configuration & setup
  • Accessing data

Make SIA compatible with custom made protocols or your own solution by developing a compatible Connector.

  • Data logger to own protocols and systems
  • Integrate own systems to other equipment, technologies & systems


  • 10min configuration
  • Industrial mounting
  • Secured to the future

Is your SIA Connector or feature missing?

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