Smart Interconnect Acces - SIA

Industrial plug’n’play data logging and integration – Simply Connecting the Industry

Connectors - Flexible controlling of data

SIA is based on a Connector architecture that ensures all equipment, systems, sensors and technologies are supported.

Install Connectors on demand

Connectors are like Smartphone Apps, they can be installed as needed which secures future requirements to expansions and compatibility to new technologies & services.

Flexibility for data Access and Interconnection

SIA can Access & Log data from all the Connectors below which makes it the most flexible data logger on the market. It allows Interconnection & Integration between all the Connectors and endless possibilities for data integration between all types of equipment, system & technologies. 

Industrial Connectors

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* Under development

Databases & cloud Connectors

* Under development

* Under development

* Under development

* Under development

Data logger

Versatile & all-round

Log data from any data source through the wide range of Connectors which make SIA the most versatile data logger on the market.

Easy data access & deployment

SIA comes with an intuitive build-in web interface which seamlessly allows users to configure and deploy it. 

Historical data & Chart tools

SIA has a deep memory for historical data which the operator can export or analyze using the build-in chart tools.

Data integration

Integrate & Connect any equipment in no time

Interconnect and integrate data between any equipment, sensor & system with a few clicks without any complex programming.

Conditional mappings

Set up conditions to ensure the data are only integrated under the correct conditions, e.g. if a production is finished.

Technology & proprietary transparency

Data can be integrated across all the Connectors which ensure the data compatibility no matter technology and proprietary.

Watch how SIA works

Setup & Access data

Interconnect systems

Data Visualization

  • Dashboards
  • Graphs
  • Live stream

Get overview of your machine or production by a light-weight dashboard.

  • Operating overview
    • Down and uptime
    • Timeline of operation
  • Performance statistics
    • Maintenance, downtime & fault analyzes

Use the integrated chart tools to check and visualize the logged data.

  • Graphs & Charts that are easy to use
  • Trend overview
  • Compare data series
  • Export data series to CSV

All the data are live streamed to the web interface.

  • Keep track of the actual values
  • Write and set values

User interfaces

  • Web based GUI
  • RESTful API
  • Connector API

SIA has an intuitive and good looking web interface as the primary interface for the operator which is easy to use. 

  • Setup & configuration
  • Local deployed on SIA
  • Secure with login

To allow others to interact with SIA it comes with a fully open RESTful API. SIA's own web interface is build based on the same API and is perfect for software developer to build their own solutions & products.

  • Fully open RESTful API
  • Configuration & setup
  • Accessing data

Make SIA compatible with custom made protocols or your own solution by developing a compatible Connector.

  • Data logger to own protocols and systems
  • Integrate own systems to other equipment, technologies & systems


  • 10min configuration
  • Industrial mounting
  • Secured to the future

Is your SIA Connector or feature missing?

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